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Clinton and Obama to Settle Differences in the Ring?


From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

Why spend time and money campaigning tirelessly across the county when the ongoing Democratic nomination contest can be settled the old fashioned way, mano-a-mano? Well, the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) seems to think so. The wrestling empire issued an invitation to Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama to settle their differences in a live wrestling match.

The WWE is promoting the idea on their website, saying, "In an attempt to put an end to the drawn out Democratic primaries, WWE has invited Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to settle their differences the American way— in the wrestling ring."

The wrestling match would take place on the eve of the Pennsylvania primary, says the website. "The two presidential hopefuls may finally determine who is the strongest contender… not through formal copypoint driven speeches, but through the emotional discourse that can only be accomplished through bodyslams and headlocks," says the website.

Clinton has already challenged Obama to a "bowl-off," but given that both candidates lack what it takes on the lanes, perhaps a wrestling match may be a more even match? When asked if Clinton would entertain the idea, a Clinton spokesman joked, "I would typically use this occasion to reiterate our bowling challenge. But given how well that worked out (for both campaigns), I'm thinking sports challenges might not be the way to go here."

Obama has said in the past that he is "skinny but tough," and Clinton's new campaign theme revolves around her being a fighter like Rocky Balboa...ding, ding, ding!

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