Clinton a Modern Day Queen Esther?

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

INDIANAPOLIS -- During this campaign, Hillary Clinton has been compared to a lot of things, even called a lot of names, but she has yet to be compared to a Biblical figure. During the question and answer period at a campaign rally in Indianapolis, a questioner compared Hillary Clinton to Queen Esther, arguing the Biblical queen reminded him of Clinton. The reference prompted me to do a search on the story of Queen Esther and as some quick research shows, Queen Esther is credited with intervening on the behalf of oppressed Jews in Persia (now Iran) during Biblical times.

"I wrote this down so I wouldn't forget," said the nervous young man, his hand shaking as he read aloud.

"When I think of Hillary Clinton, I can't help but think of Queen Esther. You were brought to this position to make a difference and to make a change and just like Queen Esther who took a stand and did what was right for the Jews, I believe you will do what's right for America." The man began his statement by saying he is a "devout Christian" and "one who reads his Bible daily."

Clinton, who stood listening to the man's comments, nodded occasionally and at one point held her hand to her heart. Clinton then told the man "You know, the story of Esther is one of my favorite stories in the Bible." Clinton added, "I'm very honored by what you said."

Perhaps some divine intervention could help Clinton in this very close contest.