Clinging To Hope

Rudy Persaud Refuses To Talk About Kristine Kupka

Since her daughter, Kristine Kupka, disappeared three years ago, all Elaine Bodell has left are photographs and questions.

"I don't especially want to know how he killed her, but there is a body. I mean, where is her body?"

But Rudy Persaud, the man she believes can answer her questions, isn't talking.
"How was my daughter such a threat to him that he had to demolish her?" she asks.

Kristine's Story
For details of Kristine Kupka's 1998 disappearance, click here.
48 Hours repeatedly requested an interview with Persaud but received no response.

Right now, it seems Persaud, desribed by friends and relatives as Kristine's married lover and the father of her unborn child, isn't answering anyone's questions - the police included.

"I had no idea you could just say 'I don't want to talk to you' and close the door. But you can," says Kristine's sister, Kathy Kupka.

She is irate the police can't do more. "My sister is gone and her baby and you're telling me you can't even talk to Rudy? Wait. That does not make sense," she says.

The Investigation
For a look at the family's investigation, click here.
Since Kristine's disappearance, police have said only that Persaud may be responsible. But as they told Kathy: "It's not illegal to be the last person seen with someone. It's not illegal to have an affair."

Kristine has been missing for more than 700 days. For now, her sister can only go on investigating. Her mother can only go on wondering.

And Rudy Persaud goes on with his life, refusing to talk about Kristine Kupka's disappearance.

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