Cleveland hero Charles Ramsey gets a music remix

(CBS News) In the course of the ongoing coverage of the rescue of three women in Cleveland who had been missing for a decade, there was one unlikely hero who has become an Internet sensation after his amazing interview on what happened, Charles Ramsey. And while he has gotten plenty of coverage since, there was one thing he hadn't gotten until now: a music remix!

The media-turned-into-music video entitled "Dead Giveaway" was created by The Gregory Brothers (aka schmoyoho)who have been featured many times on The Feed for their creative compilations of music from news and otherwise, and who write about their latest:

Charles Ramsey melodically recounts the day he heroically helped rescue 3 kidnapped Cleveland women.

We here at The Feed salute you, Charles Ramsey, and applaud The Gregory Brothers for turning this magical moment in news into an even more magical song. For reference, I'm including the original video interview below. And to check out more great work from The Gregory Brothersbe sure to click here for our pasts posts on them or you can click here to go to their website.