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Clay Aiken's National Inclusion Project to benefit from his "Celebrity Apprentice" appearance

Clay Aiken
"American Idol" season two runner-up Clay Aiken stopped by "The Early Show on Saturday Morning"'s "Second Cup Cafe" to perform. CBS

(CBS) "American Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken will be competing in the coming season of "Celebrity Apprentice" to raise money for his National Inclusion Project, a charity he started to help kids with disabilities be mainstreamed in programs for children.

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North Carolina native Aiken told local TV stations and newspapers about his stint on the show, saying there was "a very eclectic group of people at the board room table."

Singer-songwriter Debbie Gibson, another "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant, told that she was playing for the charity Children International.

"Children International is fortunate to have such a dedicated supporter as Debbie Gibson," said president and CEO Jim Cook. "She has proven she is an ardent advocate for children living in the most extreme poverty."

Children International helps to provide 5,000 poor children in India with medical and dental care and educational support. Established in 1936, it is headquartered in Kansas City, Mo.

Aiken's foundation recently benefited from a Champions Gala that raised more than $500,000 from the 500 people who attended the event in downtown Raleigh.