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This week's 48 Hours touches on an incredibly wide range of topics, everything from aggressive skating to sexual harassment. Below are some links to websites where you can learn more about some of these subjects.

YouthInfo: There are over 38 million Americans between the ages of ten and 19; Almost two million of the girls between the ages of 15 and 19 will get pregnant. These are just a couple of facts available at this site, which is run by the Department of Health and Human Services. This site has information on a wide variety of youth-related topics, as well as a great list of relevant websites.

Tod Machover's Site: Machover is the MIT Media Lab professor who created the sensor chair and the squeezables seen on this week's show. Find out more about his various projects, including the Brain Opera, an experiment in creating unplanned, communally-performed, digital music.

The MIT Wearable Computing Web Page: All you need or want to know about "smart clothing," tiny sensors hidden in eyeglass lenses, and nomadic radio. And it's all true.

Sexual Harassment: It's Not Academic: Created by the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights, this site offers basic information on recognizing and dealing with sexual harassment in schools and among teenagers.

Eliminate Sexual Harassment: This site also provides explains what constitutes sexual harassment. Created by the National Network for Family Resiliency, it too is aimed at teens.

The X-Games: Take a look at the site for ESPN's X-Games, which continues until next week. One of 48 Hours' subjects, in-line skater Aaron Feinberg, won an X-Games' bronze medal in Aggressive Street Skating. There is a full slate of news stories, but links to explanations of each sport, past statistics.

Aaron Feinberg descends stairs a little differently than most people. (CBS)

Aggressive In-line Skating World: This page will give you a more detailed introduction to in-line skating. The site includes pictures of various unbelievably difficult and dangerous-looking techniques, helpful hints on learning them, and links to still more magazine and company pages about in-line skating.

Hardcore Inline Skating: The latest moves, as well as all the scene gossip. While you're there don't forget to look up the product reviews of the latest skating paraphernalia.

The International Inline Skating Association: Inline skaters can look up the top places to skate, upcoming events, tips for better shredding, and info on the IISA certification program geared for advanced skaters who want to become instructors.

Blur: The Skater's Inline Magazine: This online zine has everything relating to inline skating, from the inline skating novels to the latest in high-tech gear.

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written by David Kohn; research by Lorie Kulikowski

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