Classical rendition of "I Will Survive" (with an amusing Russian twist)

(CBS) - I don't know about you, but when the late afternoon roles around, I tend to need a little pick-me-up. So in case you do, too, here is a wonderful rendition of "I Will Survive" with a very amusing Russian twist to it. Take a look and listen. 

The performance was recently done by the musical, comedy duo of violinist Aleksey Igudesman and pianist Hyung-ki Joo at NPR studios, and is a popular rendition that has been done by the team over the years. NPR writes about the pair:

Finding inspiration from such classical comedic forefathers as Victor Borge and P.D.Q. Bach, violinist Aleksey Igudesman and pianist Hyung-ki Joo relish overturning traditional attitudes toward classical music.

If you'd like to see more of the amazing and often tongue-in-cheek stylings of Aleksey Igudesman and Hyung-ki Joo, you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.