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Cinnabon "truly sorry" for Carrie Fisher tweet after backlash

Fast food bakery chain Cinnabon received backlash for tweeting about Carrie Fisher’s death with a joke that many considered to be in poor taste. 

After Fisher’s death, Cinnabon tweeted “RIP Carrie Fisher, you’ll have always have the best buns in the galaxy,” referring to her famous hair rolls in “Star Wars.” Fisher died Tuesday at the age of 60. 

Cinnabon deleted this tweet after Carrie Fisher’s death. Twitter

The tweet was quickly deleted after backlash from, well, most of Twitter.

Cinnabon has not yet responded to CBS News’ request for comment. But the baked goods chain posted Tuesday night that they are “truly sorry.”

Despite the criticism that the tweet was in bad taste, it’s not even the first time the chain has made this reference. On May 4th -- considered to be “Star Wars” Day with the reference “May the Fourth be with you,” Cinnabon tweeted Fisher had the “second-best rolls in the galaxy.”

Cinnabon deleted this tweet from May 4, 2016. Twitter

Cinnabon is not the only social media account being criticized for poor taste -- the band Smash Mouth also inserted themselves into the conversation after Fisher’s death. 

Smashmouth’s tweet after Carrie Fisher’s death. Twitter

Corporations and brands often walk a fine line when a tragic event is a trending topic. After Prince’s death, Cheerios tweeted “Rest In Peace” with the Cheerios logo over the i. And over the years, many brands have been criticized for capitalizing on the 9/11 anniversary or Veterans’ Day.  

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