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Cindy McCain Tells Katie Couric She Parts With Palin On One Anti-Abortion Position

In a one-on-one interview with CBS News' Katie Couric, Cindy McCain said she, like her husband and his running mate Sarah Palin, opposes abortion. But unlike Palin, Cindy McCain says there should be exceptions in the cases of rape and incest. The following are partial excerpts from the CBS News interview:

Katie Couric: Some, even Republicans seems surprised that Senator McCain picked a running mate who opposes abortion, even in the cases of rape and incest, and believes creationism should be taught in schools. And I'm just curious, do you believe—or do you agree with that?

Cindy McCain: What I agree with is the fact that she is a social conservative, she is a reform minded woman, she is someone that will shake Washington up, which is exactly what we wanna do. We differ on many issues, we differ with-- across the board with people. We don't have to agree on every issue.

Katie Couric: Abortion has suddenly become, again, a hot button issue, because of her. … Where do you stand on abortion?

Cindy McCain: I'm pro-life, I'm on the record as being pro-life, like my husband.

Katie Couric: So, do you oppose it even in the cases of rape and incest?

Cindy McCain: No.

Katie Couric: No? So, that's where you two differ?

Cindy McCain: Uh-huh [affirmative].

Couric also asked Cindy about the vice presidential selection process and the consideration of longtime friend Joe Lieberman to be on the ticket with him.

Katie Couric: Did you talk to your husband about the prospect of Joe Lieberman as a running mate?

Cindy McCain: We talked about everybody. Sure, I mean, you know, there were a lot of people we talked about, absolutely.

Katie Couric: The scuttlebutt, if you will, behind the scenes, is that Senator McCain really wanted Joe Lieberman to be his running mate, but, social conservatives would find him unacceptable because of his position on abortion.

Cindy McCain: My husband and Joe are very good friends. And wouldn't it be nice to work with your best friend? Of course. But we had to consider other things as well. And reform, being as you know, my husband's most important issue, and my husband felt that Governor Palin was a better fit for that. Joe and Hadassah are two of the best, though, and we love them and we'll remain friends forever.

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