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Cindy McCain Champions For Husband In Philadelphia

This story was written by LeAnne Matlach, Temple News

The time for choosing is drawing near, said Cindy McCain, at a rally at the National Constitution Center Monday.

McCain, the wife of Republican presidential candidate Sen. JohnMcCain, appeared with former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani andFirst Lady of Louisiana Supriya Jindal in front of a few hundredsupporters.

McCain praised her husbands attributes. She said a good presidentneeds experience, leadership and character, and he has thosecharacteristics. McCain added her husband has been serving his countrysince he was 17 years old and noted his prisoner of war experience inNorthern Vietnam.

It takes a man like that to be a president, McCain said. It takesa man like that to give us what he has, and my husband is that man."

Giuliani introduced McCain at the rally and said America haschallenging times ahead and the country needs a man like her husband.

John McCain is a great man. Hes a great man by the things hesdone for our country, Giuliani said. Hes proven that his countrycomes first.

Jindal said America is the greatest country in the world with thehardest working and the most caring people. She said the presidentialnominee is a great American to serve the country.

The crowd cheered as McCain called her husband a reformer who is more than talk and will bring change to the nation.

Only my husband is offering change and can bring us change, McCainsaid. We need a president who will stand up for the interests of Joethe plumber, and this is John the reformer.

She discussed her husbands plan for energy independence, the needfor more off-shore drilling, nuclear and solar power and clean coaltechnology.

Thousands of Pennsylvania jobs depend on clean coal technology andour opponent is against it, McCain said. John McCain and Sarah Palinhave a different view and you can count on them.

Republican vice presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin and herfamily received high praises from McCain. She said Palins family isrefreshing.

Isnt Sarah Palin a wonderful choice for vice president? McCainsaid. She is the perfect choice. She is a reformer and a maverick.

McCain said between her family and the Palins they have three sons serving currently in the military.

She said she never had been prouder and more honored to be anAmerican than when she saw her son leave for deployment. McCain thankedPennsylvanians who have children serving all over the world.Janet Burleigh, a Republican supporter, said she attended Mondaysevent to learn more about the McCains. She said she thought CindyMcCain was wonderful.

She really emphasized the need for someone with John McCainsexperience, and how he physically served our country, Burleigh said.

The man known as Americas Mayor discussed the importance of taking care of the country first and McCains charitable works.

Shes a woman who has given back so much to the United States and the world, Giuliani said.

Before the rally began, a presentation featured photos and videos ofMcCains humanitarian efforts. In 1991, during a trip to Bangladesh,she met a baby girl who needed medical treatment and later adopted her.Photos of McCains childhood and marriage to the senator were alsoshown.

Jonathon Jacobs, on vacation from Lansing, Mich., said he attended the rally to learn more about the political process.

Im not really sure if Im for or against her, Jacobs said. But Iwanted to know about what shes going to do because I want to be proudto be an American.

McCains closing comments focused on her husbands determination and love of his country.

This is the man who said he would rather lose an election than losea war. He is the man I want my sons serving under on active duty,McCain said. I am proud and honored to call him my husband, the fatherof my children and my best friend.