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Cincinnati Bengals player caught in act of kindness

CINCINNATI -- An unsuspecting family got quite the surprise right in time for the holidays -- and they have an NFL player to thank.

Wallace Gilberry of the Cincinnati Bengals bought a young family presents at a Target, according to Instagram user mackiodaddy, who took a photo of the player and family and posted it to the social networking site.

FOX19 of Ohio spoke with the family from northern Kentucky. Angelica Yeager and her husband were walking the store aisles when they encountered Gilberry. They had their five children with them.

According to their interview with the station, Gilberry stopped Yeager's husband. He said that he wanted to bless them.

The player then proceeded to buy the family a Playstation 4 and games. The encounter left the family in tears.

"We're definitely ordering his jersey now. He's got life-long fans," Yeager told the station. reports the Target was located in Newport, Ohio.

On Tuesday, Gilberry posted a photo to his Twitter page at a food-bank. He tweeted the photo alongside a quote, "To whom much is given, much is expected."

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