Cigarette Warning Label Pictures (SLIDE SHOW)

Dead bodies? Gaunt cancer patients? A mom blowing smoke at her child? New tobacco warning labels proposed by the FDA include not just words but some pretty graphic images. Can smokers be shocked into quitting?

(CBS/AP) The federal government wants to scare cigarette smokers to death in order to keep them alive.

New cigarette warning labels proposed by the Food and Drug Administration show images of suffering children, corpses, and diseased lungs.

It's not pretty business, but then again, neither is the fallout from cigarette smoking - 443,000 deaths each year.

The FDA is proposing 36 labels in all and asking for public comment.

The labels include phrases like "smoking can kill you" and "cigarettes cause cancer," but it's the gruesome images that hit home.

The agency will select the final labels in June after reviews of scientific literature, public comments, and results from an 18,000-person study. Cigarette makers will then have 15 months to start using the new labels.

Tobacco companies have a suit in the works to block it.

Check out the proposed labels below and tell us what you think.