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CIA insider: U.S. intelligence to suffer from troop withdrawal in Yemen

The U.S. withdrew its remaining military personnel from Yemen amid increasing violence and volatility
The U.S. withdrew its remaining military pers... 01:49

On Monday Yemen's president made a plea for military help from neighboring countries. He asked for assistance in stopping the violence that is spiraling out of control. The last American special forces troops were evacuated over the weekend after suicide bombers killed more than a hundred worshippers at Shiite mosques on Friday.

Yemen descended into further chaos and bloods... 02:06

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) -- Yemen's branch -- was behind the last three attempts to bomb U.S. airliners. Their sophistication and capabilities has led former deputy chief of the CIA Mike Morell to label them as the biggest terror threat to the U.S. Now with Yemen spiraling toward civil war and the U.S. pulling out troops, there's concern about America's ability to monitor the terror group.

"With the evacuation of the embassy and now the evacuation of these special forces, our intelligence on AQAP is going to go down," said Morell.

Watch the video above to hear Morell describe the threat AQAP poses to the U.S.

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