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CIA Agent: American Hero

At Arlington National Cemetery, there are a thousand stories worth remembering. Twenty years ago, American Hero Bob Ames is one of many who gave his life for his country, reports Early Show National Correspondent Jon Frankel.

"To me he was a giant," says Ames's son Kevin. "A lot of kids these days have heros, you know the basketball stars. Well, my dad was my hero. That's just the way I saw him."

Bob Ames grew up in Philadelphia, graduated from Lasalle University, did a stint in the Army, then met his wife Yvonne and they raised six children.

"I was in fifth grade and my dad came in for career day," says Kevin. "So this is the first time I ever heard what he actually did … He had told my class that he had worked with the government in foreign affairs."

In fact Bob Ames worked for the CIA.

Tune in Thursday for the complete The Early Show report.

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