Chynna Phillips and William Baldwin Owe Tax Man $180,000, Says Site

(AP Photo)
NEW YORK (CBS) Chynna Phillips and actor William Baldwin allegedly owe the tax man almost $200,000, according to the celebrity blog World News Entertainment Network.

Photo: Chynna and Michelle Phillips Sept. 23, 2007.

According to the site, "A tax lien for $39,561 was filed by the state of California against the couple on March 19 in Los Angeles, while the Internal Revenue Service is seeking $148,401 from the pair."

Phillips, 41, is a singer and actress who formed the trio Wilson Phillips with childhood friends Carnie and Wedny Wilson. She moved on to a solo career, and then teamed up with Vaughan Penn in releasing an album of Christian music in September of 2009.

Phillips and Baldwin have been married since 1995, and have three children.