Chrysler SUV Best In Rollover Test

The 2004 Chrysler Pacifica 4x4 is the SUV with the lowest rollover risk, the government said Monday.

That's from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which has just released the results from tests on its final batch of 2004 model vehicles.

The Pacifica 4x4 was awarded four stars on a five-star scale and was said to have only a 13 percent chance of rolling over in a single-vehicle crash.

Other SUV's winning high rollover ratings include the Nissan Murano and Honda Pilot.

At the bottom is the Ford Explorer Sport Trac 4x2, earning only two stars with a nearly 35 percent chance of rolling over in a crash.

Among all types and models of vehicles, the Mazda RX-8 four-door passenger car is the only one to get a five-star rating for its very low rollover risk.