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Christopher Reeve Pushes Ahead In His Medical Battle

--After his tragic horse riding accident in 1995, actor Christopher Reeve challenged scientists to cure his paralysis by the time he's 50 — that's three years from now.

On Wednesday's edition of The Early Show, the former Superman star talked about his spinal injury and a controversialapproach to finding a cure.

Actor Christopher Reeve continues his superhuman efforts to walk again. In June 1995, he fell from a horse during a steeplechase race; he broke several key bones in his neck that left him completely paralyzed and unable to breathe without special assistance. In 1996 he helped establish the UCI Reeve-Irvine Research Center, which specializes in spinal cord injuries. He believes the cure to his paralysis may lie with embryonic stem cells. Now he is asking Congress to lift its ban on federal funding for this research. Since the cells are taken from human embryos, scientists are challenged with controversial ethical issues.

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