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Christopher Dorner Update: Social media support seen for ex-cop accused of killing spree

A photo released by the Los Angeles Police Department shows three images of suspect Christopher Dorner, a former Los Angeles officer. Police have launched a massive manhunt for the former Los Angeles officer suspected of killing a couple over the weekend and opening fire on four officers early Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013, killing one and critically wounding another, authorities said.
Christopher Dorner, a former Los Angeles officer and accused killer. AP Photo/LAPD Police Dept.

(CBS) - Christopher Dorner, the ex-cop accused of killing three people in a deadly revenge plot against the Los Angeles Police Department, has garnered support online from those sympathizing with his motives, CBS Sacramento reports. 

PICTURES: Ex-LAPD cop accused of going on killing spree

The station reports one Facebook page has gone as far as proclaiming Dorner for President.

"We propose electing a man who could no longer sit idly by and watch as malicious tyrants abuse the innocent," the site says.

On another page entitled, "We are all Chris Dorner," someone posted, "Yes, this is war."

According to CBS Sacramento, nearly 3,000 Facebook users "like" another page entitled "I support Christopher Jordan Dorner."

When CBS Sacramento posted the question, why? Why support a man wanted for at least three killings and the author of a murderous manifesto promising to target cops?

One Dorner sympathizer responded, "Because something needs to be done about the long known corruption of not only the LAPD, but several agencies."

Another comment read, "He is God for now and I support him and this page."

Sid Martinez, an assistant professor of sociology at Sacramento State is reportedly not surprised by the outpouring of support for Dorner. He points to a long history of distrust and tension between parts of Southern California and the police, as the motivation behind the movement.

"To see someone kill police officers, they may see this as a kind of way of standing against oppressive force," Martinez told the station.

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