Christopher Dorner Update: Judge prevents man from staking claim to reward in manhunt for rogue ex-cop

Within two days of the first killings, investigators knew that ex-cop Christopher Dorner was whom they were looking for thanks to one of the cops on the hit list. Scott Pelley speaks with John Miller about the newest revelations in the Dorner investigation.
Dorner named suspect shortly after 1st killings
Christopher Dorner
AP Photo/LAPD Police Dept.

(CBS) LOS ANGELES - A judge denied an injunction Friday to stop the distribution of the $1.2 million reward offered in the manhunt for ex-cop Christopher Dorner, CBS Los Angeles reports.

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The injunction was filed on behalf of Rick Heltebrake, who was reportedly carjacked by Dorner on Feb. 12 in Big Bear, Calif. before the quadruple-murder suspect ultimately barricaded himself inside a cabin and took his own life. Heltebrake claims his call to a local deputy led authorities to Dorner's whereabouts during his rampage in February.

"I believe it was my call that directly led the end of the largest manhunt in California history," Heltebrake said, according to the station.

The Los Angeles Police Department announced Tuesday that three parties - not including Heltebrake - will split the reward which was contributed to by various agencies.

It was decided that about $800,000 will go to James and Karen Reynolds, a couple who was tied up at gunpoint in their Big Bear cabin by the rogue ex-cop. Fifteen percent will go to Daniel McGowan, who found Dorner's burning truck in the Big Bear area where he eventually was discovered, and 5 percent will go to tow-truck driver R.L. McDaniel, who spotted Dorner at a Corona gas station earlier in the manhunt and reported the sighting.

Dorner had vowed warfare on Los Angeles Police Department officers and their families for what he called an unfair firing. He killed four people, including two law enforcement officers, during his nearly one-week run from authorities that ended with his death on Feb. 12.

The panel that determined how the reward would be distributed said Heltebrake's information came after officers were already engaged with Dorner.

Allen Thomas, Heltebrake's attorney, says they plan to "keep the litigation going" and have already filed a $1 million lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles, Riverside County and others who contributed to the reward.

The reward is scheduled to be distributed to the chosen recipients sometime today.

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