Christmas "Grinch" caught: Dana Brock, Texas woman accused of stealing holiday decorations, arrested

(CBS) ALEDO, Texas - Parker County Sheriff's deputies finally caught up with Dana Brock, the woman they believe was caught on tape swiping Christmas decorations from a North Texas home, CBS DFW reports.

Brock, 43, was arrested Wednesday after Parker County officials identified her as the woman captured in a surveillance video stealing from the Starnes family's Aledo home. In the video, a woman is seen walking up the sidewalk towards the front door and going straight for the holiday wreath.

But the theft didn't end there, the woman can also clearly be seen unplugging an extension cord and making off with strands of Christmas lights.

Ashley Starnes said she and her husband Jon were surprised to find the woman, now being dubbed the "Grinch," on their home security system. "I think it's scary that a grown woman would feel the need to do that," she told CBS DFW. "That she would walk up to the front door and take something. It scared me for my kids' safety."

Officials said they received several tips after the video was released to the public. When they contacted Brock, she "implicated herself" and was arrested at her Aledo home, CBS DFW reports.

The arrest was reportedly made without incident but Sheriff Larry Fowler told the station that the ending could have been far more severe for Brock. "Going onto someone's property at 3 a.m. could have serious consequences and the outcome could be deadly," Fowler said.

According to the station, authorities recovered several stolen Christmas decorations and other stolen property not related to the holiday thefts.

In the last two weeks before Brock was arrested, Parker County officials had reports of outdoor decorations being stolen from at least five homes in the Aledo area.

It is unclear if Brock was tied to all of the reported thefts.