Christmas, Andy Rooney style

Get some tips from the late Andy Rooney on how to make the best of the holiday season

Although Andy Rooney loved Christmas, there is one thing he didn't like about this time of year -- the catalogs. In the above video from 2005, Andy talked about what not to give your loved ones during the holiday season, which could all be found in the piles of catalogs he said should just be thrown away.

According to Rooney, chances are, if you have a good Christmas tree, "you'll have a good Christmas." But what's a Christmas tree without ornaments?

Andy, who said, "A good Christmas tree ornament ought to be breakable," shows us that no matter how they come -- be it round, dented, wooden, made in Taiwan or Sweden -- both new and old ornaments can help make any Christmas tree look timeless.

Andy's idea of a good Christmas gift was a practical gadget. But if that gadget is out of your price range, Andy advised taking a simpler route when thinking of what to get that special someone.