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Christine O'Donnell's Video Mashup

On CBS Sunday Morning, Nancy Pelosi showed confidence when confronted with harsh criticism and the possibility that Republicans may take over congress in Novemeber.

Pelosi says, she does not believe it.


Comedian Bill Mahar released a montage of classic clips from his talk show featuring Senate Candidate Christine O'Donnell (R-Del.) getting under the skin of some famous faces.

New York Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino is the latest public figure to get the computer-generated treatment by Taiwan's Next Media Animation. The company took aim at Paladino's famous temper and the controversy over his anti-gay sentiments. Christine O'Donnell was also recently spoofed.

An unusual performance impressed crowds at Tokyo's Digital Content Expo. The HRP-4C, a dance-bot, made its debut with a choreographed performance complete with back-up dancers. The robot is designed to mimic human movements.

A couple Guinness world records this weekend in Mexico and Armenia. In Mexico City, residents constructed the world's largest enchilada weighing in at almost 1.5 tons. Armenia nabbed its first world record with a giant 4-ton chocolate bar.

That's what's in the Feed this Monday morning, I'm Erica Hill.

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