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Christina Applegate's Career "Goes the Distance"

From "Married with Children" to "Anchorman" to "Samantha Who," its hard to believe that Emmy winner Christina Applegate has been making us laugh for close to 25 years.

Now she's coming back to theaters playing Drew Barrymore's sister in the new comedy "Going the Distance."

Photos: Christina Applegate

Applegate, whose known Barrymore since she was 8 years old, could relate to the role since she's an older sister in real life.

"I have a sister about the same age as Drew. I do feel that way with her. I feel like I really would strangle anyone who would hurt her," she joked.

Applegate went on to tell "Early Show" co-anchor Chris Wragge about her role in the film, actor Justin Long's nude scene, and her excitement to become a mother after surviving breast cancer.

"Going the Distance" opens nationwide on Friday, Sept. 3.

Watch Appelgate's interview on "The Early Show":