Christie on Obamacare: "People weren't told the truth"

(CBS News) New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie blasted the rollout of the Obamacare on "CBS This Morning," saying "people weren't told the truth."

"You can remember, they were told that they would be able to keep their policies if they liked them. Now, you hear hundreds of thousands of people across the country being told they couldn't. So the White House needs to square that with what was told to the American people. And told to the Congress beforehand. And it doesn't seem to square at the moment. But we'll wait and see."

When asked if he wished he had set up an exchange in his state, said on "CTM," "No ... it wouldn't have made any difference. In fact, because you can see all the problems with this. What the federal government wanted us to do in the states was to take on this burden ourselves without telling us how much it would cost or what authority we would have to actually run our exchanges. That's why myself and 33 other governors, both Republican and Democrat, said no to a state-run exchange.

Christie, speaking on the one-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy praised his state's resilience after the storm and criticized Washington for its response to the natural disaster. It took 92 days for Congress to act on aid for Sandy victims," he said. "That's unprecedented. It was 10 days for Katrina and 17 days for Gustav. And you remember me being pretty exercised about it at the time because I knew what that would do -- would add time at the end. So the first federal dollars from the Sandy aid package didn't flow to New Jersey until the end of May."

Turning to the issue of the National Security Agency spying on world leaders, Christie was asked about his comments in The New York Times that if people want to crack down on the NSA, they would regret when the next attack came.

"What the folks in Washington should be doing is doing their job. And that means the folks at the White House and the folks in Congress," he said.

For more with Christie, watch his full "CTM" interview above.