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Christian School Boots Stripper's Kid

A private school has expelled a kindergarten student, saying her mother's work as a nude dancer clashes with its Christian philosophy.

Christina Silvas, 24, of Rancho Cordova, said she took the job as a dancer at Gold Club Centerfolds in part to afford the $400 monthly tuition at Capital Christian School. That job was the reason given her for her 5-year-old daughter Abigal's expulsion this week, Silvas told CBS News Early Show Co-Anchor Jane Clayson.

"They said that it had absolutely nothing to do with her behavior, that she was a model student and that it was entirely based upon what I do in my spare time," said Silvas.

Rick Cole, pastor of Capital Christian Center, told CBS News that it was an unfortunate situation and that the girl could stay if Silvas quits stripping.

"I think what she does for a living is a violation of our standards that she has agreed to," said Cole. Parents who enroll children in the private school sign an agreement to abide with the school's Christian philosophy.

Silvas, a single mom who once worked at the church as a Sunday school teacher, said she thought the church was supposed to accept everyone.

"My daughter is the one who goes to school there, not me," she said, "and they're turning her away."

Silvas said school administrators called her last week and told her that in response to persistent rumors, a parent went to the club's Web site, downloaded pictures of Silvas and showed them to school staff.

Silvas said Cole told her that not only would her daughter be expelled, but also that as long as she strips, neither can attend the church. During an interview on The Early Show Thursday, Cole said Abigal could stay at the school if Silvas agreed to quit stripping. He also offered to help the family during the transition.

Silvas said she would "absolutely" consider changing jobs.

"I'm not proud of what I'm doing right now. But I'm proud for the reason that I'm doing it, which is to prove the best life for my daughter that I possibly can," she said.

Though Silvas is considering legal action, Michael Sorgen, an education lawyer in San Francisco, said the school has the legal right to expel the child. He added, however, that it seemed harsh to expel the girl three weeks before graduation.

Capital Christian School made headlines in 1995, when it prohibited 13-year-old Ben Sharpe from giving the eighth grade valedictory speech.

His alleged infraction: a short haircut that violated the school dress code, which does not allow shaved heads. The school subsequently issued an apology. The case was settled out of court.

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