Chris Webber Gets New Lawyer

Chris Webber of the Sacramento Kings will be getting a new lawyer in his case stemming from a traffic stop in Maryland in which he was charged with marijuana possession and resisting arrest.

Lawyer Marcel Solomon asked to be withdrawn from the case Monday. However, Judge Robert Woods ordered him to remain on the case until Webber gets a new lawyer. The reason for the change was not immediately clear.

"It doesn't help me or Mr. Webber to talk about this," Solomon said.

Webber, who was not in court Monday, goes to trial Nov. 30.

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The star forward was charged with second-degree assault, resisting arrest, marijuana possession, driving under the influence of drugs and several other traffic offenses after being stopped for speeding in Landover, Md., Jan. 20 on his way to practice.

He passed a breathalyzer test but refused to submit to a blood test.

The arrest was one several off-court disturbances that prompted the Washington Wizards to trade Webber to the Kings for Mitch Richmond and Otis Thorpe in May.

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