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Chris Pratt interrupts interview to French braid intern's hair

French braiding is super easy right? Well, according to a lot of us that answer is no. But according to "Guardians of the Galaxy" star Chris Pratt, that answer is yes!

The actor got into shape for the part of Peter Quill in the film, but it wasn't his ripped abs that he explained to ET while promoting the film, in theaters Aug. 1, it was his ability to French braid like a pro.

So, we put it to the test and had him braid our ET intern Jen's hair right in the middle of the interview. Plus, when it comes to making sure his 'freedom hair' -- as he likes to call it -- is held in tight, he knows exactly what it takes to keep it in place.

"Not a rubber band. A rubber band will damage the hair," Pratt told ET, making it quite obvious that he's done his hair-homework. "What you need is something called a scrunchie."

And in just four short minutes, this "Parks and Recreation" star was done! But he holds himself to a high standard when it comes to braiding.

"Is it perfect?" he asked about his work. "It's not perfect but it's close. It's close what do you think?"

Check out the video to see how his 'freedom braid' turned out:

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