Chris Daughtry Finds Time For Debut

Chris Daughtry in a publicity shot courtesy FOX for Season 5 of "American Idol." Daughtry, who won fans with his rock twists on his performances, finished fourth in the competition.
Even though "American Idol Season 5" finalist Chris Daughtry is out on tour with other members of the show's Top 12, he's already begun work on his debut album. The good-looking rocker, who finished in fourth place, is spending his free moments in writing and pre-production sessions.

Daughtry is writing songs on his own and with other songwriters, including Brad Arnold of Three Doors Down, Carl Bell of Fuel and Rob Thomas. "I'm writing on my own as well as getting together with some great artists and songwriters who I've always respected and who have expressed an interest in collaborating with me," the North Carolina native said in a statement Wednesday.

The album is being produced by Howard Benson, known for his work with All American Rejects, Papa Roach, My Chemical Romance and Hoobastank. It's expected to hit stores on Nov. 21.

Like the "American Idol" winners and several other finalists, Daughtry is signed to 19 Recordings, which is owned by the show's producers, 19 Entertainment.

Daughtry will be on the "American Idols Live! Tour 2006" until September. He'll be putting together a band titled, simply, "Daughtry" and is working on a new Web site to be launched at a later date.

By Judy Faber