Chris Brown-Rihanna collaboration prompts fierce fan reaction

Rihanna and Chris Brown.
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Rihanna and Chris Brown
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(CBS) Chris Brown and Rihanna's new musical collaborations just hit the Internet Monday, and already  has  fans in a Twitter frenzy.

Brown sings on the remix of Rihanna's explicit song "Birthday Cake," and she's featured on the remix of his tune "Turn Up the Music."

Pictures: Chris Brown
Pictures: Rihanna

The fierce  reaction  stems  from their history together. In 2009, Brown attacked then-girlfriend Rihanna at a pre-Grammy Awards party. He pleaded guilty to a felony charge and is serving five years of probation, but the two have seemed to put the past behind them for their new tracks.

Many fans have taken to twitter to react to the unexpected collaboration. Comedian Paul Chowdhry joked about the reunion tweeting:

Perez Hilton, like many other fans, loved the collaboration and applauded the two for moving on.

P. Diddy's son, Justin, agreed with Perez tweeting:

Other fans disagreed, saying the collaboration does not set a good example. "Rhi need counseling. Not collaborating," a fan tweeted. 

"Rihanna is sending a message to victims that it's cool to forgive abusers. NOT something to be celebrating," another said of the collaboration.

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