Chris Brown: Remorseful, But Dating Again

R&B Singer Chris Brown talks to Wendy Williams, host of "The Wendy Williams Show."
The Wendy Williams Show
By Melissa Castellanos

Chris Brown may have pleaded guilty to felony assault and been sentenced to five years probation, six months of community labor and a year of domestic violence counseling, but he says he feels as if he's still on trial for beating his former girlfriend Rihanna.

"What I think, the steps that I've taken to show that I'm sorry probably have been perceived wrong," Brown said Friday in an interview on "The Wendy Williams Show", where Brown premiered his new video, "Crawl" from his new album, "Graffiti."

Many of his critics have said the young, baby-faced R&B singer hasn't acted remorseful enough for his violent actions. But Brown insisted that he regrets his actions and is working on self-improvement.

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Brown released an apology on his Web site, which some thought was too scripted and he also appeared on "Larry King Live" in September as his first televised interview since being sentenced to five years probation for the assault.

"At the end of the day," he told Williams, "I'm definitely remorseful and it's not something that I take lightly or think that it's, like, under the rug. I really think it's something that is a serious matter and I'm learning from it."

Brown has also been taking anger management classes, which he said has been working to change his life.

"I think it's been the most helpful part of my whole situation, you know, with everything. I'm at a better place in my life," he said.

Rihanna, who is set to release her new CD, "Rated R" on Nov. 23, has recently spoke out about her attack to ABC's Diane Sawyer and has become an advocate against domestic abuse.

The Barbadian singer admitted that she kept going back to Brown, whom she called her "first big love" despite being treated badly. "The more in love we became, the more dangerous we became for each other - equally as dangerous," she told ABC. "It was a bit of an obsession almost."

But now, Brown said he just wants to move forward, as does Rihanna.

"As I said before, I respect her opinion and her decision to speak on her behalf, but me personally; I'd rather keep all the situations and the incident that happened between me and her private. But I can only just be responsible for my actions and what I did," Brown said.

In addition to trying to control his anger, Brown, who saw domestic abuse first-hand as a child, said he is trying to change his character.

"I've just been more focused on making my circuit small and not listening to outside entities and being arrogant to a degree, you know what I'm saying? Being more down to earth, more humble, being a person, a human being," he said.

When asked if he would ever consider getting back together with Rihanna if he could, he said: "At this point, I'm really just focusing on my life, just focusing on getting me right."

Brown hasn't given up the ladies, however. He told Williams that he's dating.

"Of course. I love women," he laughed.

Brown was arrested Feb. 8, hours after he and Rihanna argued (over a text message he had gotten from another woman) in a rented sports car after a pre-Grammy party. According to a police affidavit, Brown tried to push the 21-year-old singer from the car and repeatedly hit her, bit her and choked her.
By Melissa Castellanos