Chipmunk falls asleep in girl's hair

chipmunk asleep in hair

(CBS) - I hesitate to call this video "adorable." On the one hand, yes, this cute little chipmunk fell asleep in someone's hair. On the other hand, if a cute little chipmunk ever fell asleep in my hair, I would not handle it as well as the young lady in this video. Because I would be screaming - right up to the moment that I shaved my head, chipmunk and all.

For those of you who suspect Lil' Chippy might not actually be, well, alive, the video description should quell your fears: "CHIPPY WAS PLAYING AROUND AND DECIDED TO SLUMBER. OH YES, HE IS ALIVE, BUT VERY EXHAUSTED FROM PLAYING HARD ALL DAY."

Can we assume the person in the video is a 4-H'er? Because this seems so 4-H. Is there an age limit on joining 4-H? I should look into that.