Chinese protesters beaten back by police

For the second Sunday in a row, protesters in China gathered in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities to call for reform. They were met by police, as we hear from celia hatton.

CBS News correspondent Celia Hatton reports that internet calls for pro-democracy protests in 23 cities across China Sunday quickly turned into violent showdowns between foreign journalists and Chinese authorities.

Voice of America reporter Stephanie Ho, was secretly taped by CBS News in China's capital screaming for police to stop beating her. She was pushed around, but eventually released.

Other foreign journalists and an unknown number of Chinese citizens were also taken away in Beijing and Shanghai.

Anonymous calls for Sunday demonstrations first appeared on, a US-based website detailing Chinese government corruption. This prompted the police to crack down on anyone who turned up at the locations named in advance online.

The government is trying to gain control of the situation by blocking and mentions of the "Jasmine Revolution" and "Egypt protests" from China's state-controlled Internet.

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The government is using military-like force, from dogs to swat teams, to stamp out any possible social unrest.

No one's safe. Dozens of bloggers and academics have been jailed or placed under house arrest for fears they'll also become involved in the Sunday protests.

"Persistence will lead to victory", say the anonymous online organizers. They're calling for rolling protests every Sunday until their demand for Chinese democracy is heard.