Chinese drone company is on top of the world -- literally

SHENZHEN, China -- These days, drones are being used to survey farmers' fields, or a football team's defensive line, sometimes even replacing humans in high-risk tasks.

One company, DJI, produces 70 percent of all civilian drones in the world in Shenzhen, China.

"We're an international company," DJI Public Relations Director Michael Perry told CBS News.

Perry doesn't highlight the company's China base, perhaps because Americans are often concerned by a Chinese company that controls so much of the market.

"We have an international footprint that reflects our international character," Perry said.

A member of ISIS is seen holding a DJI drone

But DJI now has to contend with Islamic militants using drones on the battlefield and a potential moral dilemma.

"It's certainly something that we think about, but as we go along, we're looking at options for optimizing it specifically for creativity and innovation," Perry said.

That's where Product Designer Paul Pan comes in. Pan explained how, using GPS technology, DJI can program drones so they cannot fly near "sensitive" sites.

But security concerns were raised when a DJI drone landed near the White House in January.

Keeping a closer eye on drones

"There is only so much that we can do to control the aircraft. But then it's really coming down to education, what you should and shouldn't do."

Regulators are playing catch-up with drone technology.

"If a drone could follow me around all day, and not bump into anything, just follow me, that would be the ultimate product," Pan said.