Chimp's photos auctioned off for $76K at Sotheby's in London

Mikki, the chimp, in Moscow's Red Square in 1998.

CBS News) In London on Wednesday, a collection of photographs were sold at auction, with 18 of them getting a lot of attention because of who was behind the lens: a chimp.

The photographs, taken in 1998, are about as good as you might expect from a monkey: grainy, out of frame, and out-of-focus shots of Moscow's Red Square. They were shot by a primate named Mikki.

The collection "Our Moscow Through The Eyes of Mikki" fetched a whopping $76,680 at London's prestigious Sotheby's auction house.

What the furry primate is that all about? CBS News' Charlie D'Agata recently took a look at the primates' work -- and the humans -- Russian-born Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid -- who taught Mikki how to point and shoot.

Watch D'Agata's full report above for the whole story on this monkey business and critical reaction to the primate's work.