Chile Miners' Amazing Survival Story

(CBS) Family members cheered in Chile when they heard that 33 miners are alive, 2500 feet down. Trapped by a collapse early this month, the men have survived for 17 days. Authorities say it could be months before they can dig a tunnel big enough to bring them to the surface.

There were dueling demonstrations near Ground Zero Sunday over the proposed Mosque two blocks away. The imam behind the project says he wants to use the controversy to help build a better understanding of the Muslim faith.

Avoid that runny yolk for breakfast, at least for now. That's the advice from FDA head Margaret Hamburg after a salmonella outbreak caused 2000 illnesses. Hamburg said new standards are in place to catch future outbreaks in eggs. More than half a billion eggs have been recalled so far.

And a breaching humpback whale just off Australia's northeast coast was captured on video yesterday. The whales are in prime mating season right now in the tropical waters, before returning to the Antarctic region next month.