Childrens' Medication Recall: The List

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Today, drug makers - including Johnson & Johnson, Wyeth and Novartis - voluntarily pulled kids' cold medicines off the market. The move came less than two weeks after the U.S. government warned of potential health risks to infants.

Products aimed at children under the age of 2 are being removed from store shelves due to "rare instances of misuse" that could lead to accidental overdose, a trade group that represents over-the-counter drug makers said.

Which medications have been recalled?

Over the counter branded pediatric cough and cold medicines affected by this voluntary withdrawal include:
  • Dimetapp® Decongestant Plus Cough Infant Drops
  • Dimetapp® Decongestant Infant Drops
  • Little Colds® Decongestant Plus Cough
  • Little Colds® Multi-Symptom Cold Formula
  • PEDIACARE® Infant Drops Decongestant (containing pseudoephedrine)
  • PEDIACARE® Infant Drops Decongestant & Cough (containing pseudoephedrine)
  • PEDIACARE® Infant Dropper Decongestant (containing phenylephrine)
  • PEDIACARE® Infant Dropper Long-Acting Cough
  • PEDIACARE® Infant Dropper Decongestant & Cough (containing phenylephrine)
  • Robitussin® Infant Cough DM Drops
  • Triaminic® Infant & Toddler Thin Strips® Decongestant
  • Triaminic® Infant & Toddler Thin Strips® Decongestant Plus Cough
  • TYLENOL® Concentrated Infants' Drops Plus Cold
  • TYLENOL® Concentrated Infants' Drops Plus Cold & Cough
  • For images of these products, click here.

    For more information:

  • Visit the Over-the-counter safety Web site by the Consumer Healthcare Products Association.
  • Read today's information release by the CHPA.
  • Check out the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's tip-sheet, "Kids aren't Just Small Adults".