Child Prodigy, 5, Masters Mozart

A 5-year-old from South Korea named Yoo Ye-eun is being dubbed the new Mozart by many.

And yet, the child prodigy has never even taken a music lesson.

There is nothing typical about this adorable 5-year-old, CBS News correspondent Barry Petersen reports.

Like any other little girl, she likes to wear her mom's makeup and lip gloss, ordinary child's play.

However, when you hear this child play, it's quite extraordinary.

Blind since birth, Yoo Ye-eun learns by listening.

Already skilled in Bach's music, she can easily pick up a Beatles tune right after hearing it for the first time.

With her tiny fingers, Yoo Ye-eun can find chords and rhythms and with a few minutes of practice, she plays them with such grace and ease.

She is so small that her mother has to work the piano pedals for her.

According to her mother, she discovered her daughter's amazing talent at the young age of 3 when they received a piano as a gift and Yoo Ye-eun started to play.

Yoo Ye-Eun wasn't banging the keys like some children, but she was hitting each note.

Although she may appear to be shy and safe sitting on her mother's lap, Yoo Ye-eun shared her love for Beethoven in addition to her toy cell phone.

The acknowledgement of her talent didn't stop there, however. She appeared on a South Korean television talent search show and became a star.

Taken by her talent, the panelists awarded her the top prize of almost $3,000.

The segment was posted on YouTube and with more than 20 million hits, she became instantly famous. But fame hasn't gone to her head; which Petersen can attest to, instead she prefers playing in places like her church.

People like her who don't need music in front of them are said to be playing by ear, but she adds a bit more - the innocence of childhood and the happy soul of a true musician whose talent is a lot bigger than she is.