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Child Groom Missing

A 15-year-old boy whose 37-year-old wife is due to give birth to the couple's baby this month has run away from a group home, and his wife, through her lawyer, says she has no idea where he is.

Lisa Clark, who is due to give birth Feb. 20, was "surprised and concerned" by her young husband's disappearance last Friday, her attorney, Daniel Sammons, said. "She has no knowledge of his whereabouts."

The boy's grandmother, however, believes the wife was involved. "I think she's got him hidden out someplace," Judy Hayles told The Associated Press on Thursday.

She said the boy told his roommate that someone was picking him up, and the boy left without shoes, jacket or money.

"That was his goal, to get with her," Hayles said. "They were just obsessed with having him there when the baby is born."

Sammons said he did not know when the wife last had contact with the boy, who was removed from his grandmother's custody in late November.

Producers of "The Tyra Banks Show," on which Clark was to appear Friday in an interview taped earlier, said Clark denied in a telephone interview Thursday that she had anything to do with his disappearance.

"I have not seen him or spoken to him at all," she said.

Clark and the youth, identified in juvenile court only as "A.S.G.," married in November. After being charged with child molestation for her relationship with the boy — her teenage son's best friend — Clark was released on bond on condition that she not have contact with him.

Clark has said she still hopes to make a life with the boy and their baby.

Prosecutor Lee Darragh refused to comment on the boy's disappearance or the grandmother's comments.

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