"Stroller Bandits" steal tips, bike from pizza joint

Surveillance video from Craft Pizza in Chicago shows two of a group of alleged thieves before they stole tips and a bike, Friday, Nov. 8, 2014

Craft Pizza via CBS Chicago

CHICAGO -- A group of young people appeared to be out for a casual bite to eat last Saturday when they walked into a Chicago pizza joint, but surveillance video shows one girl grabbing money from a tip jar, and a boy stealing a cook's bike.

CBS Chicago reports that the restaurant, Craft Pizza, dubbed the group the "Wicker Park Stroller Bandits."

In the surveillance video, the girl places an order, and then when the cashier's back is turned, the woman can be seen taking a $10 bill from the tip jar. She places the money inside a take-out menu, folds it, and hides it in the stroller.

There was also a baby in the stroller.

The group then walked outside and a boy climbed over a gate, unlocked it, and took off with cook Aaron Johnson's bike.

Johnson says his bike cost about $650.

"If something's not yours don't touch it, that's the bottom line," said Johnson. "That's as clean and as nice as I can put it."

The restaurant began advertising a reward to get the bike back. After various Chicago news outlets reported on the thefts earlier this week, police announced Thursday that an unidentified citizen turned the stolen bike in.

The $10 tip has not been recovered.