Chicago snow storm cancels hundreds of flights

Hundreds of flights were canceled at Chicago's airports after a rare snow storm hit the city amid this year's unusually mild winter, Susanna Song of CBS station WBBM-TV reported on "CBS This Morning" Friday.

More than 350 flights were canceled at O'Hare International Airport and more than 100 at Midway International Airport. The storm created problems on Chicagoland roadways but it was expected to be over by lunchtime.

Since December, Chicago has only seen about 16 inches of snow, much less than what the Windy City usually has at this time of the season, about 28.5 inches.

CBS station WCBS-TV's weatherman Lonnie Quinn in New York forecast the thousand miles of storms to head east with the area between Buffalo, N.Y., and Caribou, Maine, to pick up most of the snow.

Above, watch Susanna Song's report from snowy Chicago and Lonnie Quinn's forecast for the Snow Belt