Chicago Endorses Bassist Mike Huckabee

Being a presidential contender has its perks, especially for Republican long shot Mike Huckabee. This week Huckabee received a letter and autographed photo of singer Peter Cetera, a solo star and an original member of the band Chicago.

"He had seen me playing bass on TV...and told his manager, 'He has some nice bass chops' and wanted to encourage me," Huckabee tells our Suzi Parker. "It did more than that. I was totally awestruck to get a letter from Peter Cetera." Huckabee says that Cetera was just featured on the cover of Bass Player magazine -- Huck's a subscriber -- and Cetera even sent him a signed copy of the issue. "Aside from running for president, having one of the greatest bass players in my generation give me a compliment is like winning New Hampshire," says Huck.

By Paul Bedard