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Chicago dad completes 2012 resolution: An act of kindness every day

Ryan Garcia and his daughter.
Ryan Garcia and his daughter. WCBS

A young Chicago father fulfilled a 2012 New Year's resolution to perform at least one random act of kindness each day of the year.

Ryan Garcia and his family told CBS affiliate WCBS that he has 366 uplifting stories to tell, from helping build a school playground to making dinner for his wife. Northwestern journalism students documented the journey, and he kept track of each deed on a website.

The inspiration for the ambitious resolution? His baby daughter.

"I wanted my resolution to make a positive impact in her life and to make the world more positive around her," told WCBS correspondent Ryan Garcia.

His wife, Lindsey, said she was skeptical about it at first.

"As the days were passing, I really knew he was sticking to it and that I could help him out and we could be successful," she said.

Other deeds including joining a Project Hood walk to raise awareness about gun violence and taking a military veteran to a Northwestern basketball game.

One of his favorite acts, he said, was taking a child with leukemia to a White Sox game to meet the New York Yankees' Curtis Granderson.

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