Chicago bus driver breaks up fight, confiscates gun

A Chicago Transit Authority bus driver bends down to pick up a handgun off the floor of his bus while a young man walks toward the exit, Thursday, June 19, 2014

CBS Chicago

CHICAGO - A video posted online to the Facebook page "People of the CTA" shows a Chicago bus driver breaking up a fight and confiscating a handgun, reports CBS Chicago.

The video, taken last week, starts rolling after the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) driver has successfully halted a fight between at least two young men, according to the station. The driver then finds the gun on the floor, and picks it up while a young man moves toward the exit.


"Everybody had this adrenaline rush going through them," Junior Ortega, of Cicero, Ill., told CBS Chicago. Ortega recorded the video Thursday afternoon, June 19, and credits the driver for stepping in and taking the gun before things could escalate.

"Everybody [on the bus] was shocked and excited, like, 'Oh my god, I can't believe this is what happened,' you know?," Ortega said.

The CTA told the station it reported the incident to police. It is illegal to have a gun on a Chicago city bus or train, whether or not the owner has a permit for concealed carry.

The young man kicked off the bus has not been identified.