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Chic Men's Fall Fashion

Women are not the only ones with a keen fashion sense. Guys like to look good, too. So The Early Show is devoting its "Chic on a Shoestring" Wednesday to the latest trends in fall fashions for men.

David Zinczenko, editor-in-chief of Men's Health magazine, tells co-anchor Harry Smith there are three distinct trends this fall.

"The whole idea is merging classic clothing with trendy new fashion," Zinczenko says. "We're seeing a lot of bright colors is one trend, another is a return to classic preppy clothing, and slimmer, thinner more body-conscious clothing is the big three."

For the Chic on a Shoestring challenge, Zinczenko put Hannah Storm, Dave Price and Melinda Murphy to the test. Can you tell the steal from the splurge? Price and Murphy could; they tied for first place.

New York's Fashion Week kicks off Sept. 8. The week-long event features clothes for spring/summer 2005. But Zinczenko showed the following clothes you can buy now.

Trend One: The Colorful Striped Shirt
This fall, there's a lot of color in menswear. One of the easiest ways for guys to embrace this trend is with one of the season's many bright, striped shirts.

Everyone from Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Etro are making a big impact with bold color. It's great with a pair of jeans. It's also a way to add some personality to a serious suit. Pair the shirt with a more businesslike two-button, gray pinstriped suit - always classic. The trend in suits is moving from three-button models to those with two.

Steal: Express
Striped button down shirt: $50
Gray pinstriped suit: $326

Grand Total: $376

Splurge: Canali
Striped button down shirt: $195
Gray pinstriped suit: $1495

Grand Total: $1690

What's the difference: Zinczenko says that if you have the choice, spend more money on quality. There's a bigger difference in fabrics with the suits than with the shirts. But for trendier items, it's a better bet to spend less. These shirts from Express are a good idea.

Trend Two: Tweed
Tweed is one of the biggest looks in both men's and women's fashion this fall. This is something you might already have in your closet. If not, a lot of big designers are doing clothes and jackets in nubby wool. Like many of the big trends in fashion right now, tweed is a classic.

There's a big return to very familiar, preppy clothing: polo shirts, cable knit sweaters and tweed sport coats. This is a more relaxed coat - great worn with a pair of cords or twills. Also great with jeans.

Steal: J Crew
Tweed sport coat: $250
White dress shirt $60
Blue jeans $75

Grand Total: $385

Splurge: Polo Ralph Lauren (+Varvatos)
Tweed sport coat: $900
White dress shirt $265
John Varvatos blue jeans $185

Grand Total: $1350

What's The Difference: Ralph Lauren is known for tweed and anything country club. So he's the go-to guy for higher end tweed. Also of good quality is the J Crew tweed. Some of the details, like the leather buttons, are a nice touch. Wear it with a neutral outfit, like white shirt/blue jeans to allow the coat to be the standout.

Trend Three: The Slim Topcoat
Forget the big, boxy overcoat you used to wear! This fall, the new style is a slimmed down version. Narrow through the body. The technical name for this coat is "Reefer."

The general move in men's style is towards a slimmer silhouette. Not tight, but not boxy. This is one example of how designers add a modern touch to classic men's clothing. This coat offers a lot of versatility. It is great for workdays with a suit, but also good with jeans. Both of these models have another cool detail: the belted back.

Steal: Club Monaco
Wool topcoat $299
Turtleneck $49
Trousers $100

Grand Total: $448

Splurge: Zegna (#2)
Wool topcoat $1,995
Turtleneck $285
Trousers $315

Grand Total: $2595

What's the Difference: Again, the fabric is the big difference here. The Zegna topcoat is a higher quality wool. The styling on both coats is quite similar, however. Since Club Monaco is more trend-driven brand, its coat is actually a bit slimmer, younger.

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