Chew on This: Misbehave at one Salem, Mass. restaurant, get barred from all of 'em

Salem, Mass. is cracking down on rowdy restaurant-goers during the Halloween high tourist season.
(CBS) SALEM, Mass. - With an eye on the city's busy Halloween tourist season (see: Salem witch trials), restaurants in this eastern Massachusetts town are getting tough.

If you misbehave at any of Salem's 24 eateries, all of them plan to ban you for six months. Some recent recent problems at one restaurant inspired a revival of a previous 'get tough' policy, CBS Boston reports.

It's called "One Strike and You're Out."

Anyone who is arrested or given a no-trespass order at one restaurant means they will banned from all two dozern.

Pat Schultz, owner of The Howling Wolf Taqueria, says the 2008 program was forgotten until some recent disturbances at Bangkok Paradise.

"It's really more precautionary. I don't think Salem has a reputation as being a bawdy place or a dangerous place to go," he told WBZ NewsRadio Friday.

Diane Wolf, co-owner of The Lobster Shanty, says not too many people have been banned.

"Its beauty is in its deterrent factor. Threatening somebody with not being able to go to any of the awesome bars in Salem for six whole months helps keep people behaving themselves."

The program was revived just in time for October, which is Salem's busiest time of the year (see "witch trials").