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Chet Edwards For VP?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has her own dark horse candidate in the Obama veepstakes and she is not shy in letting everyone know who it is: Texas Democratic Rep. Chet Edwards.

Pelosi continued to tout Edwards in a press briefing on Thursday morning, calling Edwards “an extremely talented person” and saying he would be a “great addition” to Sen. Barack Obama's ticket.

Lately, Pelosi has been touting Edwards to anyone who will listen. She first raised the possibility in a meeting with Obama’s vice presidential search team a few weeks ago.

The speculation intensified earlier this week, after Pelosi told Newsweek’s Tammy Haddad that Obama should consider someone from the House of Representatives for the number two slot. Unprompted, Pelosi said that Edwards was “a good person to be in the mix.”

Edwards was quick to offer the standard gracious deflection, issuing a statement saying he was focused on his day job.

“It has been a privilege for me to work closely with Speaker Pelosi in behalf of our nation’s veterans, and I am humbled that she and others would suggest that the Obama campaign consider me for their vice presidential list,” said Edwards.

“Given that I have not met with the Obama campaign regarding the vice presidential nomination, I would not want to speculate on the names being considered.”
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