Cheryn Scaggs, Fla. mom, accused of drinking at bar while kids slept in car, cops say

Cheryn Scaggs, of DeBary, Fla., was arrested on March 4, 2013 for allegedly leaving her two children alone in a car while she drank inside a bar.

(CBS) DeBARY, Fla. - Cheryn Scaggs was arrested early Monday on allegations of leaving her two children - ages 1 and 4 - alone in a car in freezing temperatures while she drank inside a bar for at least two hours, CBS affiliate WKMG reports. 

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Scaggs, 30, of DeBary, Fla., was arrested on charges of child neglect after a deputy drove by Shotz Sports Bar & Grill in DeBary around 2 a.m. and noticed a crowd gathering in the parking lot. According to the station, Scaggs had asked others to help her get home from the bar, but once they got outside they found the girls sitting in the back seat of Scaggs' SUV, police said.

The car was not running and it was 30 degrees outside, according to officials, who confirmed the girls were checked out and found to be OK.

WKMG reports witnesses said Scaggs had gone outside a couple of times during the two-hour span, but never told anyone that the girls were in her car, according to deputies. Scaggs reportedly told one witness that she had left the children with a neighbor.

After Scaggs' arrest, her brother, James Cox, was called to pick up her two daughters.

Cox told WKMG that he felt his sister's actions were irresponsible and unnecessary.

"I was available," he said. "If she really had to go out that bad she could have came to me."