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Cher and Nicki Minaj reportedly feud over lyric on Twitter

Singers Cher and Nicki Minaj Getty Images

(CBS)While everyone  else  was feasting on turkey over the holiday weekend, singers Cher and Nicki Minaj were reportedly engaged in a Twitter feud.

The drama started when a fan asked Cher what she thought about Minaj's "diss" on her song "Did It On 'Em."

The line in the song states: "If you could turn back time, Cher/ You used to be here, now you're gone, Nair."

According to MSNBC, Cher responded on Twitter saying, "I've seen lots of people come & go! No biggie!"

But Minaj's devoted fans fired back at Cher. They included Minaj's reported  boyfriend Safaree Samuel who tweeted, " yo @cher listen to the words b4 you say dumb s*** on twitter... do you know what a rap metaphore (sic) is???"

The singer/rapper herself simply tweeted to Cher, " @cher #stopit5."

After Samuel's tweet, Cher apologized, according to MSNBC, saying, "U R right! Someone said I was dissed...I've been dissed b4, but instead of finding out I just got defensive! I should know better."

Since the online argument, all parties involved have deleted the tweets.

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