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Cheney's "Undisclosed Location" Revealed?


One of the things former Vice President Dick Cheney will be remembered for his having been spirited off to an "undisclosed location" following the Sept. 11 attacks. And now we know where that location may be.

As Eleanor Clift of Newsweek writes, Vice President Joe Biden talked about the possible spot earlier this year during the Gridiron Club dinner, an exclusive annual event for Washington journalists and bureau chiefs.

Biden reportedly suggested Cheney's hideaway is a "bunker-like" room under the Naval Observatory in Washington, where Biden, in his role as vice president, now lives. A young naval officer leading the vice president on a tour of the building reportedly showed Biden the "massive steel door" at the end of a narrow hallway where he said Cheney's aides – and apparently the vice president himself, though that's unclear from Clift's report – would spend their time in lock down, surrounded by communications equipment.

One of the most powerful vice presidents in history, Cheney played a major role in crafting many of former president George W. Bush's policies. At the dinner, Biden reportedly hinted that those policies were not surprising, given what the bunker looked like.

The Naval Observatory is located almost two miles northwest of the White House, just south of Embassy Row.

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