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Cheney Is Back on Track

Vice President Dick Cheney appears to be back on track 2 days after a defibrillator was implanted in his chest. He appeared alongside President Bush in the oval office, proclaiming that he was feeling "very good" after his surgery.

"Little tender in the shoulder," Cheney said. "It'll pass."

President Bush appeared to have complete confidence in his right-hand man. "We were thinking of doing some jumping jacks before you came in," said Bush, laughing.

Yet despite outward appearances, the fact remains that Cheney's heart has already been weakened by four heart attacks, and has now developed the life-threatening potential for abnormally rapid beats. On Saturday, doctors implanted a device in his left shoulder that will monitor his heart and shock it back into normal rhythm if it starts to race.

Doctors say that the implant is performing perfectly and will greatly reduce the chance of future problems. The president was quick to dismiss any notion that Cheney's condition will get in the way of his duties as vice president. Bush said, "We're all thrilled to see how good he looked."

There has been doubt, however, about how well Cheney would perform as president of the United States, should the need arise.
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